the piano deconstructed

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The Piano Deconstructed


Special Thanks to Yamaha

Yamaha Pianos

I would like to espcially thank Bill Brandom at Yamaha Corporation of America, who was of invaluable assistance in the development of the website. All of the pictures of the pianos on the site are used courtesy of Yamaha Corporation, and the action animation is based on a Yamaha action model lent to me by Mr. Brandom.


The pictures of the harpsichord and clavichord are used with permision from

The picture showing the sections of the construction of the piano is borrowed with permission from the website of the Piano Technicians Guild.

The pictures of the strung back and its components are used courtesy of Schimmel Pianos.

Special thanks to Meridian Music of Indianapolis, for allowing me to photograph some of the pianos in their store.


The content of "The Piano Deconstructed" is derived from the research of many books and articles. Two excellent resources that were used include:

  • Encyclopedia of the Piano, Robert Palmieri (ed.)
  • The Piano, John-Paul Williams

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